veterinary surgery

At Hamilton Animal Hospital we have a dedicated high-tech surgical suite equipped with the latest monitoring devices and surgery equipment. Here we perform many general soft tissue surgeries in addition to spaying and neutering. We emphasis patient safety by recommending a thorough presurgical surgery exam and needed diagnostics in addition to utilizing our monitoring capabilities during the procedure. We will tend to your pet to make sure their recovery is smooth and safe. We feel pain management is important to reduce your pet’s stress and keep them comfortable, not only at the time of the procedure but also during the healing process in the days following. Upon discharge from the hospital, we review all after care instructions and medications to make sure you fully understand your role in home care. From the time you come into the hospital to getting back home with your pet, we are here to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. Have a question once you get home? Don’t hesitate to call, we are here to help. If a special procedure needs to be performed, we will make sure you are seen by the appropriate professional. We look forward to taking care of all of your pet’s surgery needs.

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