Medical Services

When your pet is ill, you want the comfort knowing that he or she is getting the best medical care possible in the best-equipped facility. Hamilton Animal Hospital’s veterinarians and staff are trained to provide what you require–the highest level of care for your pet in the most advanced professional setting. If you have an emergency, call us. Our staff will be able to respond to the situation and provide the immediate care your pet needs. We have the ability to get diagnostic results within a short time utilizing our advanced in house blood analyzers. As a result, the time to diagnose certain problems and the start of the appropriate treatment is greatly reduced. For specialty testing, we have access to a full service laboratory seven days a week. Our digital radiology unit produces high quality x-rays in a short time. Not only do these images aid in diagnosing your pets problem, they are easily made available to you or to any specialist electronically. Ultrasound, another important imaging technology, is also available to aid in the diagnosis of certain medical conditions. At Hamilton Animal Hospital, we utilize a veterinarian who specializes in only performing ultrasound, which is key to obtaining accurate results. A dedicated ultrasonographer allows for the highest quality study to be obtained, thus leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

​​​​​​​When it comes time to treating your pet, Hamilton Animal Hospital’s veterinarians and staff are there to provide the highest level of care. Whether he or she needs critical or non-critical hospitalization, we will make sure your pet receives the appropriate recommendations, care and treatment.

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