If you need to be away from home and can’t take your pet along, leave your best friend in the clean, safe and comfortable environment of Hamilton Animal Hospital. We are a full service boarding facility, caring for dogs, cats, small mammals and birds. Our canine facilities consists of runs measuring 3’x6’, double runs that measure 6’x6’ and a triple run measuring 6’x10’. In addition, we offer various size cages for our smaller dogs and feline guests. All dogs are walked throughout the day or according to your instructions. Guests with special needs or those requiring medications or special diets are not a problem. For the birds, small mammals and rodents, cages are available but we recommend bringing your own portable cage for the stay. No need to bring bedding or bowls, we take care of all their creature comforts. As an additional service, we are able to bathe your pet on the day they are scheduled to go home upon request.

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